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** MIT CSINÁLSZ A NYÁRON? - GYERE VELÜNK ANGLIÁBA ** ÚJ nyári kezdésű pozíciók - Ebben a posztban 45 listázva!

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310. London SW11 ** Au pair plus needed, occasional driving. Start 11thAugust (or 1 week earlier or later) stay for as long as possible. £100 p/w. Prefer good English. Accept social smoker. Boy 5 girl 3, no pets.

314. Alton, Hampshire ** Au Pair plus, driver (must be over 20) Start end of August. Stay 1 year. Good English. Boy 7, boy 5, girl 2. Dog. Mother at home, not working.

313. London SW11. ** Au pair plus. Start 8-15thJune, stay 1 year. Prefer fluent English. Boy 8, boy 4, no pets. Had au pairs before.

299. Notting Hill, London ** Au Pair plus Monday – Saturday, with 1 day off during week. Girl 5 and twin girls aged 10 weeks. No pets. Large house. Start date flexible. Start now, stay either til September or longer. Prefer French or German otherwise another nationality but then must have good English.

311. Barnes, London ** Start now, stay 1 year. Mother’s help. Mother at home not working but just needs some support from nice Mother’s Help. Boy 2 ½ & boy 6mths. Full time, but working with mother. £200 pw. no driving.

309. Clapham, London ** Au pair plus. Driver preferred but not necessary. £100 pw. Start September 1st(earlier is not possible) stay til July 10th2015. Intermediate English is ok. Family has a dog. Boy 8 yrs old.

312. Marlow ** start July/August, stay for 1 year. Accept social smoker. Driver needed – will be given own car. Female or MALE au pair, 25 hrs p/w. Accept intermediate English. Family has cat and dog. Boy 8 girl 6. Had au pairs before.

307. Tadworth, near London ** boy aged 4 and boy aged 2. Start date between 13th – 16th August, stay 1 year. Driver preferred but not essential. Good English. Very happy with previous heavenly au pair.

42. London ** start mid-end August 2014 stay 1 year until min. mid July 2014. Want intermediate English. No driving. Au pair plus 35 hrs p/w.£120 p/w. girl 8, boy 5 ½ no pets. Mother is divorced and works full time. Will consider male. Family is vegetarian and does not allow meat in the house.

149. Walton, near London ** Start end of May – mid June, stay until end November/early December. Then the mother will have another baby and will not be working. Boy 2 ½ yrs (at nursery 5 mornings per week). Au pair can attend English classes in the mornings. No driving.

306. London ** Girl 6, girl 4, boy 10mths, mother is at home. Start asap, au pair plus £100 p/w.

252. London ** need driver (but will accept non driver, if no choice), accept male au pair, prefer good English. Start now, stay til 31stJuly.

305. Twickenham, London ** Girl 7 girl 4, dog. Driving not necessary. Start now, stay 1 yr (minimum 6mths) good English.

250. Worcestershire ** Au pair 25 hrs p/w. start 1stJuly, stay 1 year. Boy 2 and new baby arriving in July. Driving needed. Rural location but beautiful part of real England.

190.Near Chelmsford, Essex. Driving au pair plus/mother’s help or housekeeper, aged over 21, can also be in their 40’s. Intermediate English. 2 young children aged 5 & 7 and 2 older children who do not require the same care! Had lovely au pairs before.

249. Fulham London ** Looking for either full time housekeeper OR mother’s help. Both positions pay very well. Start early September, stay 1 year.

291. Cheddington, Buckinghamshire *** Mother’s Help 35-45 hrs p/w £150 pw. Start April/May, stay 1 yr – flexible. Accept social smoker. Boy 7, boy 1 ½ . Father works from home. Live 3 minutes walk from station which is direct to London (40mins) and 5 minutes to Leighton Buzzard. Dog. Must have baby experience. No driving. Very very nice friendly family

248. Cambridgeshire ** need au pair 25 hrs p/w. Start now, stay up to a year. Satisfactory English. Girl nearly 2 yrs. Mother works part time from home. 2 cats. Mother is French. Father is English. No driving.

216. London ** Mother’s Help 35-40hrs p/w. start 24thApril, stay 1 year, will consider shorter placement. Girl 3 ½ girl 1. Mother at home. No pets. No driving. Intermediate English is ok.

262. Putney, London ** Start early September until August 2015. No driving. Boy 4, girl 2, boy 1yr . mother is at home. good English, no pets

22. Twickenham ** require au pair plus. No driving. Start about 20th July stay 1 year. £95 p/w. English level basic, accept social smoker (away from kids and only evenings) Boy 4 1/2, boy 1 ½ (by August) No pets. Mother will work part time from October.

222.Griffin family, North London. Boy aged 3. Au Pair Plus, no driving. Start now, stay for a year. No pets.

21. Wimbledon, London ** Start 1stJune, stay 9-12 months. 40hrs p/w £135. Have had very good au pairs before. Girl 8, girl 5, boy 3, dog (medium sized). Mother works part time. Must be able to drive.

51. Putney London ** 2 boys 4 & 6. Driving not necessary. Both parents working. Very good English required. Start August, stay 1 year.

139. Acton, London ** very good English. 3 boys, mother will be returning to work. Very lovely active family, had lovely au pair before.

44. S/w London ** Au Pair Plus needed, driver. Start early May, stay 1 year. Prefer good English. Accept social smoker. Girl 11, girl 7, no pets. Big house. Happy with previous heavenly au pairs.

6. Barnes ** Very happy with previous au pairs. No driving. Start mid- end August 2014, stay 1 year. Boy 14, boy 12, girl 7. Both parents working full time.

136. Wandsworth London ** Girl 3, girl 1 and new baby arriving in July. Mother at home. No pets, no driving. Au Pair plus, with very good or fluent English. Start now/soon, stay for 1 year.

117. Loxwood, Surrey ** Start end August 2014, stay until 25thJuly 2015. No driving. The family has cats, gerbils and fish. There are other lovely au pairs in the village. Girl 8, girl 6.

299. Barnes, London ** Au Pair Plus, no driving. £90-£100 Start May, stay 1 year. Flexible on dates. Intermediate English. Accept social smoker. Boy 5, boy 3. Pet in home. Mother works p/t from home. Father is Danish.

5. Godalming, Surrey ** Au Pair 25 hrs, £80. Start July, stay 1 year. Good English. Boy 10, girl 8, girl 5. No pets. Very happy with previous au pair. Super family!

287. Hertfordshire ** Need driving au pair plus. Start late May/early June. Good English. Will consider summer placement, but prefer at least 6 months placement. Girl 7, girl 2 ½ No pet. Mother divorced.

London ** Start August, stay 1 year. Au pair plus needed to care for twin girls aged 10. They also have a son. No driving. Family has a cat.

115. village near London (Little Berkhampstead) ** Boy 17, girl 14. Start September, stay til August 2015 (yr) Over 21 yrs and driver, prefer good English. Had many lovely au pairs before.

43. Tooting, London ** start mid August, stay 1 year. Mother works part time, father full time. They have been VERY happy with previous au pairs. Prefer good English, Responsible and mature girl who is also fun with the young children. No driving, no pets.

24. central London ** start date early September, stay until end July, early August 2015. very good English (o driving, no pets. Very happy with previous au pairs.

280. Oxford, Mother’s Help, no driving. Start 1stJuly (2-3 weeks flexibility), stay 1 year. £150-£200. Good English preferred. Family has children 5 and 2 ½ but MH will also babysit for neighbour’s 2 children also 5 and 2 1/2. Family has a cat. Parents both work as doctors. Had au pair before.

271. Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire. Au Pair Plus 35 hrs. Driver required. Start end Feb until early December. Good English. Girl 6, girl 4 ½, girl 2 ½ , boy 4mths. Mother at home. No pets. Large house.

269. Guildford. Boy 6, twin girl 3 & boy 3. Hamster in cage. Driver needed. Good English. Start 24thFeb. Stay 1 year.

15. South London. Start date mid August, stay until end July 2015.  No driving.

257. London. Mother’s Help. Start 1stMarch, stay 1 year. Good English. No driving. No pets. Had mother’s helps before. No driving. 5 children, 2 boys, 3 girls aged 10 – 4yrs. All are at school. All the work will be together with the mother, who is very very nice and at home. Pays well.

296. Manchester. Had many successful au pairs before 25 hrs p/w. £90. No driving. Boy 8, boy 6, girl 4. Start end August 2014, stay until end July 2015. Prefer au pair in their 20’s, not teens. Accept Social Smoker, happy with Male or Female.

62. Putney, London. Start August. Stay 1 yr. good English. 2 children both at school. Driver preferred. Happy with previous au pair.

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